Tracking and Documentation

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I like the ability to track performance for each course AND for each employee. It is helpful to know what questions employees answer incorrectly to provide appropriate re-education. I also appreciate the new courses being added at no additional charge.
Karen Adkins
St. John's Regional Medical Center
Joplin, MO
Being able to track many employees with a couple clicks of the mouse is wonderful!
Bridget McCay
Cincinnati, OH
MediaLab is easy to use in assigning courses, developing courses, and tracking compliance.
Kyle Riding
Children's Hospital Boston
Boston, MA

Powerful Reports to Prove Employee Training

Get the information you need to monitor and prove employee training, quickly and easily. See which employees have outstanding assignments. View CE transcripts and certificates of completion. View detailed information for graded questions, so you can identify employee strengths and weaknesses.

Automatic Record Keeping

No exams to grade or papers to lose! Compliance & CE is a consistent, thorough, and automatic training that simplifies your required safety training process and reduces the time that you and your employees spend on recordkeeping and maintenance tasks.

Never Lose Records

During an inspection, you may be required to prove employee training from current and prior years. Compliance & CE maintains a complete history of training documentation, even for employees that have left your organization. All training records are stored indefinitely.

Real-Time Tracking

See employee results as soon as they're completed. Compliance & CE updates in real time to give you an up-to-date picture of safety training and continuing education progress.

Print and Export Documentation

All documentation can be exported into PDF or Excel formats for backup and archival purposes. Documentation can also be printed for inclusion in employee personnel files.

Share Tracking and Documentation Features

Give department supervisors, section heads, QA, HR, and other personnel the ability to view and print results for relevant employees. Complete or limited administrative access can be shared with as many users as you like.

Sample Reports

Main Activity & Completion Report

Get an up-to-the-minute view of your employees' training progress. View completed, incomplete, and overdue course assignments for individuals, groups, or your entire laboratory. Limit your report to a specific date range, or include your employees' entire history. All course assignment information is stored as long your subscription is active.

The main activity and completion report includes columns for pretest, content, exam, and checklist completion status, so you can seen employee performance on any area of a course. The status lights to the far left indicate overall assignment progress – not started, in progress, failed, or completed. Record comments and notes on any assignment by clicking on the notepad on the far right. See how long employees spent on each course assignment.

Awarded CE Credit Report

See which of your employees have met their continuing education requirements. Change the date range to match bienniums and license renewal periods.

Question Data Report

Identify knowledge deficiencies or strengths in a particular department or across your entire site. See how your employees' performance on Compliance & CE courses compares to their peers' performance. This report shows all of the questions in any Compliance & CE course and displays your employees' results to the system-wide average. You can also compare the performance of a specific group to both your laboratory's average and the system-wide average.

Survey Results Report

Keep up-to-date on how your employees are responding to their online training experience. At the end of each course, employees have the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback with a brief survey. Employees are asked to rate the organization, focus, and quality of the course, and their degree of experience and satisfaction with their learning experience.

Assignment Question Details Report

See the exam questions answered by any of your employees for any course they've completed. This can help identify knowledge gaps or retraining needs. For missed questions, you can see what incorrect answer(s) the employee selected instead of the correct answer.

Assignment History Report

Track an assignment from the time it's assigned to the time it's completed. The assignment history report shows who assigned any course to any employee, when and how often the employee opened the course, and what score the employee earned on the pretest and exam and any subsequent retakes or reattempts. If you allow department heads and supervisors to edit assignment scores, then any edits to the assignment are recorded as well. Automatic system actions, such as reassigning a failed course, are noted as well. Every action includes the performer's name and a date and time stamp. Assignment history reports cannot be changed or removed. This gives you a complete audit trail to ensure the integrity of online training.


You and your employees can print certificates of completion for any successfully completed course delivered through Compliance & CE. The certificate shows a unique assignment number, the date of completion, exam score, and any applicable CE credits. You can print multiple certificates for your employees with one click. These certificates are ideal for documenting employee training in offline personnel files and during inspections. Certificates of completion can also be submitted by employees for national and state recertification requirements.