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laboratory competency assessment proficiency testing online checklists
Record detailed observations of your employees' competency assessment and proficiency tasks using customized online checklists

deliver online checklists laboratory lms elearning
Checklists are delivered just like other MediaLab and custom online courses

build custom online laboratory checklists
Build your own online checklists with a simple, powerful interface

Compliance & CE includes an online checklist system that delivers and documents all of the training activities that your laboratory currently tracks with paper checklists. Build your own online checklists in minutes.

Record Competency Assessment and Proficiency Testing Observations

Online checklists can be used for any activity that you currently address with paper checklists, including:

  • Competency assessment (for CLIA, Joint Commission, and more)
  • Proficiency testing
  • Instrument competency observations
  • Employee orientation tasks

Document Completion, Re-observation, and Corrective Action

Improve on your current paper checklists by keeping a complete history of checklist activity online. Record multiple observations for each checklist task, including any remedial training or corrective action that may have been required. Online checklists automatically track the date of observation and names of all observers, so you have an audit record of all changes and activity.

Unified Solution for Tracking and Reporting

Online checklists are delivered and tracked just like other Compliance & CE courses, so your employees can access all online courses and checklist materials with a single login. Reports and documentation for checklists can be exported and printed for inclusion in personnel files.

Included with Compliance & CE

As a subscriber to Compliance & CE, you have full access to CourseBuilder for the duration of your subscription. Customize and create as many courses as you like for no additional charge.

Powerful, Yet Easy-to-Use

Create online checklists in minutes, just by typing into a pre-formatted template. Create a simple checklist with just a few tasks, or create an elaborate assessment with tasks, subtasks, benchmarks, and downloadable resources and reference links.

Stay Up-to-Date

With online checklists, you can ensure that all of your employees access the most up-to-date checklist revisions and materials. No more out-of-date policies or training! Any changes that you make to your online checklists are automatically reflected in all employee training. Online checklists can be quickly customized and adapted to new policies, procedures, and audiences.

Flexible Options to Suit Your Organization's Policies

A wide range of options allows you to customize the presentation of online checklists to suit your laboratory's policies. Delegate checklist observation powers to designated department heads and trainers, or allow peers to review each other. Add a requirement for employees to co-sign any checklist observations.